We support Mexican children

We help Mexican children and youth to be the best human being that exists within them in an environment of harmony and freedom so that they are formed as exemplary citizens.

We can all help Mexican children and youth.

We focus on developing activities that provide Mexican children and youth with spaces for personal growth and development, fostering various disciplines such as culture and sports.

Our programs

Itinerant museum

We have a small collection of objects that belonged to General Felipe Ángeles, as well as photographs, posters and videos. Each exhibition is matched to the age of the target audience.

Talks and conferences

They are programmed according to the determined audience, from the simplest for elementary level, to academic presentations about General Angeles. We can invite renowned men and women specialists in history and descendants of other heroes and heroines of the Revolution and Independence.

Cultural motorcycle

On a motorcycle we have set up a forum for artistic expression to present music, theater, storytelling, painting and writing workshops, etc. We also encourage male and female artists from the community visited to share their talents.


We support regional music groups made up of low-income children, by donating instruments, books, and scores, and we manage presentations in forums of great cultural importance so that they can feel what their life could be like if they continue with their efforts.

Support for sport

We promote sports and channel them to institutions so that they can develop their talents.

Integration camps

To live together and exchange experiences so that they learn to fraternize in an environment of respect, peace and harmony.

Cultural projects

  • Film “A forgotten hero” by Víctor Avelar.
  • Ballet Felipe Ángeles by maestro Arreguín Zozoaga.
  • Play Felipe Ángeles by Elena Garro and amateur.
  • Write a letter to the General.
  • Draw the General.
  • Felipe Ángeles mural in Zacatecas by Armando Espíndola.
  • Short Film Contest Felipe Ángeles en la Revolución.
  • Merit medal and diploma, to recognize children and young people up to 17 years of age for their academic, cultural, sports or altruistic excellence.
  • Photography contest “From my trench”
  • Coexistence program “And my pet what?”
  • National commemorative parade in Hidalgo
  • Acquisition of the property where the plaque that indicates the execution of the general is located to turn it into a museum
  • Acquisition of objects from the General for the museum collection
  • Commemorative plaque where General Angeles was judged
  • A day in the army, to promote the values ​​of General Felipe Ángeles and sensitize them to human rights through a visit to the military installation closest to his community in the company of his family.